We Are Hope Song: Providing Love and Encouragement Through The Power Of Music

Realizing the full power and potential of a person’s gift, talent or ability can be an all too rare occurrence in this world. Even more rare is the dedication to see that potential through to fruition. Often times people see the possibilities but lack the resources or guidance to effect change in their own life or anybody else’s. Sometimes, people just need a different perspective to understand the difference they are capable of making,

Who We Help...

Cancer Patients

It is estimated 1 in 3 cancer patients must have to turn to family members or friends to pay for treatment and that up to 80 percent of cancer survivors exhaust their savings to finance medical expenses. 


We are committed to addressing basic needs of the those in need which includes those who cannot afford medical treatments, children who need school supplies and as well as enriching the arts in inner cities.


We help raise funds to give back to those in need. We help children in inner cities and other outreach initiatives. Dollars donated are maximized by in-kind donations from some of our sponsors.

Upcoming Events

We host a variety of events throughout the year. Whether you are looking to sponsor an event, volunteer at one of our Care Days or learn more about Hope Song this calendar has all of the information you will need. We hope to see you soon!

Our Mission

Hope Song's Mission is to give hope to people and new life for them and their family through  through music, outreach and fundraising. More recently we have been fundraising to provide cancer treatments for patients who otherwise would not be able to afford treatment. With each dollar we raise, it is our goal to bring these lifesaving medical options to those who desperately need it.

Hope Song musicians playing for some Cancer patients at CHIPSA.

Featured Artists

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Some of Our Sponsors